LED Sign Displays can be installed Indoors or Outdoors to indicate how many spots are available in a designated area:

  • An aisle
  • A floor or group of floors
  • A zone
  • The whole parking lot

Since all models have wireless communication, the LED Sign Displays can also be installed several blocks away from your establishment so you can guide the driver to your Parking Lot.


  Popular Models

  Outdoor Models

  Indoor Models


  Custom made LED Sign Display!


Show special messages to your clients in any language, colors, font styles, spacing and angles; add logos and graphics to the sign, etc.


LED Sign Displays + Advertising


Here is a crazy idea...

  • Get all the Parking Sign Displays at 90% off
  • Dramatically improve the ROI of Tuco Solution
  • Get a new stream of revenue for your establishment without doing anything!


How can we do it?

Tuco has partnered with the company Publivia, which specializes in selling advertising on LED Screens; Scrolling Light Box & Lamp Post Banners.

We can show the parking information on their LED Screen, add our LED Signs Display on their Scrolling Light Box or just put their lamp post banners on our LED Signs Display.

Publivia will sell the Ads and share a percentage of ad placement revenue with you.


In other words…

Not only will you increase your customers’ satisfaction by giving them a Stress-Free parking experience but you will also quickly recover your investment on Tuco´s Solution plus generate a new stream of revenue for your establishment.

  LED Screen

  Scrolling Light Box

  Lamp Post Banners

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