Most people need to drive to do anything! And when you drive, you need to park.

Your top priority should be giving your customers the best experience possible at your establishment! What better than beginning the experience with Stress-Free parking…

So whether you are a Small, Medium or Big player in your industry, we have the right solution for you!

Solution Includes Description

Sensor Devices

All Sensors come with LED Indicators (Green/Red/Blue or Purple) to show the status of the Parking Spot.

Dual 1

Sensor Devices +
LED Sign Displays

Choose between a wide variety of LED Sign Displays or order a Costume one

Dual 2

Sensor Devices+ Management Software & Mobile App

Management software is divided in 4 Packages, so you can choose the ones that best fit your needs:

  • Real Time information
  • Dynamic Reports & Statistics
  • Operational Control over Sensors & LED Sign Displays
  • VIP Reserve Software

Free Tuco Mobile App for your customers or the possibility of using our White Label Mobile App service


Sensors + LED Sign Displays + Management Software & Mobile App

All of the above!


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