Moises Rodrich


Moises is a young and ambitious entrepreneur that has an unending thirst for developing bright ideas.

His research and development skills, plus his leadership has taken him through quite a number of different startups and Non-profit organization, and he has only started. No doubt any association with him will lead his partners and investors to success.

Carlos Lopez

VP of Sales & Business Development

Carlos is a highly accomplished sales and marketing executive, with extensive domestic and international experience in B2C and B2B environments.

He has worked in senior marketing and general management positions for leading global companies such as Warner-Lambert/Pfizer, Alcoa and USG in the US, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Carlos is a strategic visionary and a results-driven professional who is fluent in English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

Miguel Urco

VP of R&D

Miguel is an Electronics engineer with a master degree in information technology and telematics. He has participated actively in various scientific-technological national and international symposiums such as CEDAR, URSI, ECI, IBD, INTERCON and others.

Has extensive experience in the development and research of new technologies. Miguel has been head of Research, Development and Innovation for the IDi, leading various projects of hardware and software technology.

Hector Chang


Jacques Rodrich

Advisory Board

Jacques is a natural born entrepreneur and a self-taught businessman. Starting from the bottom has achieved an incredible high amount of success through his longtime business adventures.

He has successfully created and managed companies in almost every industry! From advertising, construction, medical lab tests, Technical vehicle inspections facilities, Higher learning institutes, and the list goes on!

Former Peruvian Congressman (2001-2006), Chairman of Finance committee (2002-2003), Chairman of Transports & Communication committee (2004-2005)

Has great experience in turning ideas into big companies.

Javier Chang Fu

Laureano Rodriguez


Laureano is an engineer and Professor at Universidad Catolica del Peru. At the same time, he is taking a master's degree in digital signal processing. During his 8 years developing embedded systems, he has managed to become the specialist responsible for around 50 projects for national and International companies, such as in Spain, Brazil and Bolivia.

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