Parking is the first experience of the client... and a definitely stressful hunt for a spot!

  • Reality: There is a competition between customers for the spots
  • Time-Consuming: Hunting for a space is a waste of time
  • Lost Business: Too much trouble will make the client cranky
  • Environment: Driving around and around pollutes



Tuco's research team has come through with a smart solution...

You still have to park, bummer!
But at least it would be as fast as you can go. Thanks to a fully programmable, wireless, and battery powered sensor.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install
  • Connected to LED Sign Displays
  • Solution totally controlled by our costumer management software
  • Shows free spots in real time on our mobile app


Finding parking spots has never been so easy and stress free, you won't believe us until you try.

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